If you are looking for a place to connect and a family to join, we welcome you with open arms, open minds, and open hearts. Please check out our current fellowships to see different ways to get connected, or join either one of our Sunday services at 9:00 am or 1:30 pm in B1.  

This week at VEF


SUN, January 15

8:20-8:50 AM      Prayer Meeting & Set-up – B1-102

9:00 AM              Worship Service  B1

9:30 AM              Children's Sunday School  B1 

11:00 AM            Sunday noon small group  B103

12:30 PM            Korean Group  B1 - 101 

13:30 PM            Afternoon worship service  B1 



TUE, January 17

5:30 PM               NCTU Group - EC543 


WED, January 18

7:00 PM              Women's Bible Study


THU,  January 19

7:00 AM              Men's Fellowship  - Ikari Coffee

12:00 PM            NTHU Lunch Group - Fengyun Building, 3F-2 

7:20 PM              Outreach team visit to Girls' Shelter 


FRI,  January 20

11:00 AM              Korean Women's Group - B1-102 

7:30 PM                 Indonesian Small Group - 6F

7:30 PM      JAM(Jesus and Me) Small Group – 8F

7:30 PM      Barnabus Small Group – 702

8:30 PM     Emmanuel Small Group – #1 Puding Rd.


SAT,  January 21

8:00-09:30 AM     Worship Team Practice - B1

9:30 AM               Filipino Group - B1- 102

4:00 PM               Christmas Eve Service - 2F

7:00 PM               Seeking God's Small group  - 2F


SUN, January 22

8:20-08:50 AM    Prayer Meeting & Set-up – B1-102

9:00 AM              Worship Service  B1

9:30 AM              Children's Sunday School  B1

11:00 AM            Sunday noon small group  B103 

12:30 PM            Korean Group  B1 - 101

13:30 PM            Afternoon worship service  B1 


  Looking ahead


  Connecting with Community
   We are a multi-cultural international community - men, women, and children of all ages, trying to live by faith, fully devoted to the teachings of Jesus Christ. However, living for Christ or following Him is not an easy road. Fortunately, Jesus Christ does not expect us to do it alone. With the help of our Helper - the Holy Spirit - He brings us together as a family so that we might encourage one another.
    As a family of followers of Jesus, we are constantly challenged to embrace diversity - both social and cultural. At Victory English Fellowship, we not only accept, but embrace and claim diversity as one of our strengths. And we are grateful to see "unity in diversity" as we confess and honor Christ as our "Head". We are from all over the world... Australia, Canada, China, Finland, Germany, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, South Africa, Sri Lanka, Taiwan, the United States, and more...bringing our different world views and perspectives together and learning from each other. We have a multitude of talents and gifts, from pastors and teachers, to musicians and mothers, to engineers and students. Wherever you are from, and whatever you do, we welcome you to connect to this International church, and become a part of this family of believers.
    This is also a constantly changing community, where people come and go often as some are here to study for a season or others are visiting Taiwan for a short-term work assignment. We celebrate the opportunity of worshipping together as God's children from diverse backgrounds and cultures. We learn from each other and serve our Lord with love and respect for each other. Therefore, we as a church and as a family need to remain flexible to adjust to these changes, but also to step up when a need appears. Community here means that we are building relationships that stay purposely connected while reflecting and honoring the diversity that exists among us. 
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